Earth, Solar – 1, Algeathic Belt, Milky Way, 47th Fault, South Western Main Fault, Dimension Fragmenta.

“The Fault line is energizing again… another tremor is in close proximity… looks like it’s gonna be a big one,” he paused. “Third time this week, Anglo- Russia’s communication tower was blown last Tuesday as well. Send the warning signal to Earth, scout.”

John let the holographic visual fade away as the daily report ended. Another energization? Earth was in a bad state as it was. War struck, desolate, torn apart by disasters which weathered the surface and annihilating the little beauty left on the slowly degrading planet.  Only a few million people were left on Earth, barely surviving, foraging for the few resources left on the surface. The faults had been visible for decades, pulsing purple along the horizon. It seemed like a violet line drawn across the sky, intimidating yet harmless. That was until the winter of 2829 , when the 47th fault pulsed. The entire planet shook violently, not only causing global tremors, but also aggravating mega disasters which obliterated the few structures which were left on the surface world.

John broke away from his deep thoughts and glanced out into the darkness ahead. The Titan 280 was only a few kilometres above the atmosphere but the fault seemed as it was at a much close proximity. He heard the clicking of footsteps behind him.

“Sir, we sent out the Global Warning Signal to Earth.”

He drew a breath.

“Something doesn’t seem right about this tremor, Commander.”

“When was it ever right, Sam?” John muttered softly. ” Earth can’t hold on any longer… seems to me, one more tremor and our world would crack like an egg shell.”

Johns’ watched buzzed. Being the commander of a scout ship meant the work was endless.

“You are dismissed, Sam”.

As the soldier scurried away, John clicked a button.

“Sir, we have a problem… a huge problem,” The scouts worried tone echoed across the room. ” The tremor is much larger than we expected. We expect collateral damage to the Titan, sir. Evacuation is advisable, ASAP.”

“Evacuation? How much damage do we expect, scout?” the Commander queried in a cool, collected tone. Panicking in situations like this could result in the loss of many lives, and it is the role of the commander to administer the problem in a sensible manner, not letting emotion get in the way.

“Complete annihilation, sir! It’s travelling faster than expected. We have lost three Scout ships already.” The scouts words were more hurried, and dripping with fear.

“Oh no… oh god..NO!” the scout screamed. Screeching was hear in the background, in a split second, the call cut, leaving John in a confused position. Hurriedly, John mashed a button, and yelled into the microphone. ” EVAC, EVAC , IMMEDIATE EVAC! This is not a drill, soldiers. A tremor is heading towards us and damage is expected, EVACUATE ASAP!.”

John sprinted toward his quarters, quickly putting on his armor as he was trained in the Academy. The ship shook violently, throwing John off his feet and crashing into the cabinet next to his bed. It has started. A red alarm screeched, and out of his window he saw evacuation pods shooting back towards the surface of the Earth, towards the nearest Deep Core Base. Picking himself off the ground, he sprinted towards the direction of the pods. It was a long shot, since the ship was massive, but he would try nevertheless. As he sprinted, the ship shook once again, this time with a lot more power, tilting it a few degrees. Trays went sliding down the pristine, white floor and tables toppled over. As John peered out of the windows he saw Scout ships explode and the fiery rubble picking up speed straight towards the ship. One smashed into the Command Centre, where John had been standing a few minutes earlier. The glass shattered and the metal screeched and twisted away. the command panel blew into an electrical turmoil, sending sparks and currents everywhere. Fire started to spread across the room.

The end had begun.


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