5,000,000 years ago (Agrathian calendar), when the Earth was no inhabited by humans, was the dying Volcanic Age of the sentient, mystic beings simply known as the Fragments. These non-physical creatures were slowly losing their life force, slowly disintegrating into the darkness of the universe. Ruling the universe for many a millennial they offered balance and strength to keep Evil at bay. But their time had to come to an end; and the inconceivable and unimaginably powerful beings were unwillingly abandoning the corrupted, mysterious Universe. Evil was spreading, infecting galaxies, destroying the good and annihilating the only Pure which ever existed. In a desperate attempt to save existence without succumbing to the wrath of evil, the Fragments unleashed the last of it’s power, forming intricate holes within the Universe which are known as dimensions; a duplicate of our Universe, to halt the spread of Evil. Sealed with the dwindling power of the Fragments, these mystic saviors faded away into Unexistence, boundless areas of nothingess, never to return again. Rak Ha, the seal which closed off the first dimension from the original universe, effectively keeping guard for the years to come, until the year 2829…when the seal was broken.


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