As a dragon pillages lands,

And the kingdom scatters like sand.

In the wind he flies,

At the opportunity he smiles,

Raking and screeching,

Evil beseeching.

Crashing upon the fort walls bricks of steel,

Breathing fire, can you not feel?

The blue curves of pain

Stinging and gagging through

Razor sharp claws rip the flag,

Red stained jaws sever the rags,

that held this city together,

which used to prosper forever,

now being destroyed by a beast of invincibility.

Sweat, blood and tears,

flow through the veins of fear,

and at last, the reign of humans will not last.

As the sun shines upon the bloody remains

And up dawns another pleasant day,

You can see the silhouette,

Flying away, death in its breath.

You take of your dented helmet,

Pick up your battered sword,

Wiped the blood off your eyes,

And walk away…as you have lost.


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