Dragon – Part Two


Across the horizon, as far as the eye can see, ahead of the lush, grassy plains, and the perilous protrusions on the land known as mountains lay a what some might call… a world, on it’s own. Well, actually, it wasn’t a world. It was a kingdom. A kingdom so far and wide, that even a dragon couldn’t fly towards the end of it without taking a quick breather. Ahh, the dragon. A magnificent beast it is, and I swear that is the most simple way I can explain it. As big as two watchtowers stacked above each other, and with wings as wide as two dragonhunters in the middle of a sword fight. The dragon may look like a creature from heaven, but it’s heart was forged in hell. Running rampant, it enjoys the smearing of blood against it’s skin, the destruction of beauty and the loss of what people call home. I begin a new chapter on the age of the dragon and it’s clash with the Kingdom.

Oh the Kingdom behold,

Once an affluent, insignia of power,

Now in ruins, crumbling in pain.

Peasants crawl the streets, helpless and hopeless,

Knights, no longer in shining armour,

Scour and wander.

The king is losing the riches the land was built on,

Fading away was his dream he so longed,

Anger and vengeance stirred through his mind.

‘BRING ME THE HUNTERS’ he screamed in rage,

Pure darkness seeped through his brain,

From the depths of the caves, the Hunters emerged,

Scarred and beaten, from the training, they EARNED,

Silver swords shining and deadly,

A cruel shine is visible to others,

The emotionless stare chills the bone to the core.

As the six Dragonhunters walk up the steps,

to greet the king and the mission they have yet to be foretold.

‘Bring me it’s head’ the king darkly muttered,

‘Don’t forget the heart… a good feast won’t harm us’

And with a grin that would last in your brain,

The king announced

‘Begone! And be back by the winter.

The Six, fully equipped for the task ahead,

trained for years, the time as arrived.

The Hunters to kill the one that hurts.

So they stepped out to a bright and sunny day,

‘Let’s head for the mountains… our quest starts today.’


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