Dragon – Part 5


Torn, shattered by the winds

A soul was lost

A body crushed within.

5 knights stood tired and frail.

Bloodied and stripped

A search for spirit, no avail.

Upon the rise of rocks they lay,

In front of the dreaded creature they vowed to slay.

‘Puny humans, you dare challenge me?’

‘How dare you,  I expect you to flee!’

‘Perhaps we should play a little game’

‘You all will die, all the same’

‘We are not here to play games, you forsaken monster!’

Bellowed a knight with courage he mustered

And with that he sprinted, his sword unsheathed

And pounced on the dragon within a heart beat.

A claw swiped from the sky

Metal on bone,the sound echoed.

‘Swords are no match, for a being like me…

Prepare yourselves, for horrors…you shall see.


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