Dragon – Part 4


Its shining eye looks down towards the ever lasting landscape,

The radiant ball of fire, illuminating the land below,

The diverse terrain is observed by the observant,

and many a stories are seen ahead,

Legends were born, legends were killed,

Armies were commanded, blood was spilled,

Land was scarred, cities were made

Once again they fell, citizens were frayed.

None escaped the dragons eye,

Not a tiny little detail scurried unharmed,

devoured by the enormity of the dragons gaze,

Not even the six that made there way.

Determination was a spark they cherished,

Motivated, and unafraid, they thought everything would cower,

Ha! None could surpass the dragons power,

No amount of training could save these souls.

As they try, the more blood would pool.

The dragons gaze settled on our warriors,

A fight was building and the dragon could see

the deaths of the Hunters…. oh how fun it would be.


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