It’s looking,

It’s watching,

Where ever you turn,

It’s checking,

You think your safe,

Just know,

It’s looking,

It’s watching.

The eye cannot be explained,

Fantastical and vivid,

yet dark and somber all the same.

Rays of green,

Blinding yellow,

With a touch of blood instilled,

Yet murking in the background,

Its misty,  writhing twin,

The power to vaporize,

The power to create,

The power to visualize,

Conceptualize and Innovate.

Yet its watching,


Grasping for a soul,

It’s looking,

Its waiting,

For a body to erode,

Descending into madness,

A spiralling despair,

It’s empowering stare,

Is just a disguise to it’s fate.

The eye will never look away,

The eye is in your head.

It’s looking,

It’s watching,

It’s your mind…beware.


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